Meet The Melksham Motor Spares Team

Meet The Melksham Motor Spares Team

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Meet The Directors

Phil Dodd - Managing Director
Phil DoddManaging Director
Alison Cook - Finance Director
Alison CookFinance Director
Julian Mattock - Chairman
Julian MattockChairman

Meet Accounts & Administration

Tanya Elling - Accounts
Tanya Elling
Tina Cherrington - Accounts
Tina Cherrington
Charlie Elling - Accounts
Charlie Elling
Megan Dodd - Accounts
Megan Dodd

Business Development

Mark Churchyard - BDM Melksham and Frome
Mark ChurchyardBDM Melksham & Frome
Steve English - BDM Melksham
Steve EnglishBDM Melksham
Nick Dadson - Van Sales
Nick DadsonVan Sales

Meet the Melksham Sales Team

Sean Hynes - Melksham Sales Manager
Sean HynesMelksham Sales Manager
Rich Cox - Melksham Sales Team
Rich Cox 
Matt Harrin - Melksham Sales Team
Matt Harrin 
Adam Mitchell - Melksham Sales Team
Adam Mitchell 
Joe Sanderson - Melksham Sales Team
Joe Sanderson 
Darren Ward - Melksham Sales Team
Darren Ward 
John Fenwick - Melksham Sales
John Fenwick 
Alex Findley - Melksham Sales
Alex Findley 

Meet Melksham Logistics

Stuart Gregory - Company Buyer
Stuart GregoryCompany Buyer
Jamie Ramsden - Warehouse Manager
Jamie RamsdenWarehouse Manager
Michael Stevens - Melksham Logistics
Mike Stevens 
Jay Fisher - Frome
Jay Fisher 
Chris Kent - Melksham Logistics
Chris Kent 
Ian Butler - Melksham Logistics
Ian Butler 
Julie Sutcliffe - Melksham Logistics
Julie Sutcliffe 
Tom Drake - Melksham Logistics
Tom Drake 
Tony Pritchard - Melksham Logistics
Tony Pritchard 
Tony Cherrington - Melksham Logistics
Tony Cherrington
Mike Lacey - Melksham Logistics
Mike Lacey 
Phil Kitchener - Melksham Logistics
Phil Kitchener 

Meet the Melksham Drivers

Mike Sartain - Melksham Driver
Mike Sartain
Tom Napier - Melksham Driver
Tom Napier
Mark Trueman - Melksham Driver
Mark Trueman
Dave Kimmer - Melksham Driver
Dave Kimmer
Gordon Speirs - Melksham Driver
Gordon Speirs
Pete Bolton - Melksham Driver
Pete Bolton
Harry Harrold - Melksham Driver
Harry Harrold
George Bourne - Melksham Driver
George Bourne
Mark Bailey - Melksham Driver
Mark Bailey
Ian Revening - Melksham Driver
Ian Revening
Tony Ramsden - Melksham Driver
Tony Ramsden
Andy Bell - Melksham Driver
Andy Bell
Quentin Kent - Melksham Driver
Quentin Kent
Alan Bateman - Melksham Driver
Alan Bateman
Adrian Mayo - Melksham Driver
Adrian Mayo
Alan Taylor - Melksham Driver
Alan Taylor
Peter Abbots-Darbyshire - Melksham Driver
Stewart Walker - Melksham Driver
Stewart Walker
Mike James - Melksham Driver
Mike James
Simon King - Melksham Driver
Simon King
Dave Abbot - Melksham Driver
Dave Abbot
Dave Rogers - Melksham Driver
Dave Rogers
Cameron Scott - Melksham Driver
Cameron Scott
Andy Walker - Melksham Driver
Andy Walker
Alan Brooks - Melksham Driver
Alan Brooks
Jeff Hooper - Melksham Driver
Jeff Hooper
Ray Burns - Melksham Driver
Ray Burns
Gerald Salter - Melksham Driver
Gerald Salter
Steve Jones - Melksham Driver
Steve Jones
Russell Evans - Melksham Driver
Russell Evans
Chris Fisher - Melksham Driver
Chris Fisher
Malcolm Miles - Melksham Driver
Malcolm Miles
Graham Pearce - Melksham Driver
Graham Pearce
Terry Doel - Melksham Driver
Terry Doel

Meet the Frome Sales Team

Ben Gale - Branch Manager
Ben GaleBranch Manager
Lewis Yerbury - Frome Sales
Lewis Yerbury 
Darren Gould - Frome Sales
Darren Gould 

Meet Frome Logistics

Max Sawyer - Frome Logistics
Max Sawyer 
James Baker - Frome Logistics
James Baker 
Ashley Brewer - Frome Logistics
Ashley Brewer 

Meet the Frome Drivers

Richard Collins - Frome Driver
Richard Collins 
Paul Wrintmore - Frome Driver
Paul Wrintmore 
Brian Hitchman - Frome Driver
Brian Hitchman 
Paul Shaw - Frome Driver
Paul Shaw 
Keith Brennan - Frome Driver
Keith Brennan 
Kevin Duffy - Frome Driver
Kevin Duffy 
Martin Annetts - Frome Driver
Martin Annetts 
Malcolm Miles - Frome Driver
Malcolm Miles
Tim Stride - Frome Driver
Tim Stride

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